Arapahoe Ridge Basketball Half Courts Petition

For the fun and safety of all children and basketball enthusiasts!


Goal of the Petition

Create a safe and inclusive environment where all Arapahoe Ridge resident's sports and leisure activities needs are taken into account and supported by our community. We are a age range diverse community with many adults and also many many children. 

While our tennis courts offer the opportunity for adults to enjoy our community sponsored grounds, we are seeking support from the HOA Board to further develop this newly upgraded shared space that is currently being remodeled with the addition of four half court basketball courts at the North and South ends of the new area. This will offer the same level of consideration to all of the youth residents in the neighborhood who are currently resorting to  playing on our busy streets at the risk of  being injured by cars that drive by.

Half Court Configuration

Below you see a mock up draft of what this petition is aiming to achieve. A set of  four simply drawn half court basketball systems. The benefits of having half courts, also known as FIBA 3v3 courts is that this configuration will not interfere in any way shape or form with the tennis courts.

Homes with Street Hoops 

As seen in our neighborhood map below, based on our research, as of March 13th, 2023 there are at least 51 residences in the Arapahoe Ridge community that have either a free standing or a permanent basketball hoop installed on the front area of their property near or right on the street. These hoops where our children play on, are dangerously located on the driveways, on the sidewalk path in front of the property, or right there on the street! This poses serious safety concerns for our families and can be easily addressed by a community funded update to our common grounds.