Safety first!

Our Arapahoe Ridge Community is home for several hundred kids! Such a young and alive crowd like this calls for us adults to have a strong focus on  wellbeing of those who on average do not have the very best judgment on safety: young children and tennagers! With (at least) 51 basketball hoops around our neighborhood placed on the our sidewalk pathways, on garage driveways, and many right on the street, we are calling all residents to support this community wide initiative to take the kids out of playing on the streets and into playing in a safe, secluded, and designated space. Our Arapahoe Ridge Park!

1870 Hauck St

1915 Hauck St

2870 Hughs Dr

2669 Hughs Dr

2633 Hughs

1881 Southard

1896 Southard St

1925 Wharton Ct

2547 Wharton Ct

## Wharton Ct

2542 Wharton St

1776 Southard St

1771 Southard St

2606 Freeman Ct

2618 Payne Ct

2593 Payne Ct

1603 Holeman Dr

1684 Holeman Dr

1705 Holeman Dr

1729 Holeman Dr

2579 Betts Ct

2579 Betts Ct

2641 Betts Ct

1631 Walker St

1595 Woodward St

2725 Odell Dr

2763 Odell Dr

2874 Hays Ct

1588 Hays Ct

1729 MacCullen Dr

1750 MacCullen Dr

1678 Woodward St

1699 Woodward St

1692 Powell St

1671 Powell St

1664 Powell St

1659 Powell St

1659 Powell St (2nd)

2763 Odell Dr

2940 Hunt Ct

1910 Bell Dr

1876 Cummings Dr

3209 Cummings

3260 Cummings Dr

3298 Billington Dr

3252 Billington Dr

3930 Beasley Dr

3232 Beasley Dr

3236 Beasley Dr

3256 Billington Dr